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Lambda sensor – why it is necessary in the car

Lambda probe – an inconspicuous part of the exhaust system, which is talked about a lot less than about catalysts. Owing a bit of mystery, many are not fully aware of its existence. So we decided to explain to you what exactly it is, how it works, and what are the most common problems and […]


Remove or replace the diesel particulate filter?

Diesel particulate filters together with catalytic converters clean up exhaust gases. The filter also called DPF is installed in vehicles equipped with diesel engines. It is one of more expensive parts in the exhaust system. Because of its price, many drivers decide to remove the filter instead of recommended replacement. Some drivers choose an alternative […]


Why does the diesel particulate filter clog?

The diesel particulate filter is one of the parts that makes up the exhaust system. The filters are installed in vehicles equipped with diesel engines to remove soot and ash particles from the exhaust gases. Most often problems with DPF filters are due to their clogging. What are the symptoms and can it be avoided? […]


All-purpose catalytic converters

As the price becomes the main driver all-purpose catalytic converters become more and more popular since they are much cheaper than the original parts. Can all-purpose converters really replace the original ones? What should you consider when selecting a catalytic converter for your car? Problems with catalytic converters almost always end up with a replacement […]


Exhaust system without a “cat”

What do we need a cat for? A catalytic converter resembles a metal can. Even if quite inconspicuous when viewed from the outside its interior is very valuable. The internal parts of the converter have the form of channels of a honeycomb structure. Additionally, the walls contain noble metals such as rhodium, palladium or platinum […]


Reconditioning of a “cat”. What is it about?

A defective or worn “cat” is a serious problem for each car owner. What is the best solution? A cat or, in fact a catalytic converter, is the basic component of an exhaust system and it has been compulsory for many years. The main purpose of the catalytic converter is to remove noxious substances from […]


The most valuable components of an exhaust system

Exhaust manifold Exhaust manifold is the „starting point” of the exhaust system as it is attached directly to the engine and, to be exact, the place where the exhaust gas exits the combustion chamber. It has inlets on one side in the number equal to that of the engine cylinders with a single pipe on […]


When to replace the catalytic converter in my car?

Many people are afraid of the moment when the catalytic converter needs replacement since such an operation involves considerable expenditures due to the price of the converter itself. When does the converter need to be replaced? What does it involve? Can that part of the exhaust system be replaced with something else?


Fines in waste management

To manage your waste it is necessary to get the required licenses to process, collect, store and transport waste. Non-observance of the regulations may result in imprisonment, limitation of liberty or a fine, at best. “Waste” is defined in the Act of 14 December 2012 as any substance or object being disposed of or intended […]


Is a clogged catalytic converter a big problem?

What is an exhaust system composed of? An exhaust system is composed of several major parts including exhaust manifold, silencer and exhaust pipe. Currently, all cars are also equipped with a catalytic converter and, in case of Diesel cars, also a particulate filter. The exhaust manifold is located next to the engine block and it […]


When to cut the cat out?

One of the most searched phrases related to cats is that about when to cut it out. There is nothing wrong about cutting out the cat if you want to replace the old one with a new one. Otherwise, this must not be done and should never be tried as the cat is a compulsory […]


How to remove oil from a catalytic converter?

If e.g. your turbocharger has failed and the exhaust system, including the cat, is contaminated with oil it has to be removed from all the parts before running the car again. Why is it so important? Firstly, a contaminated exhaust system will produce much more exhaust gas. Secondly, starting a car may result in destruction […]

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