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Exhaust system without a “cat”

What do we need a cat for?

A catalytic converter resembles a metal can. Even if quite inconspicuous when viewed from the outside its interior is very valuable. The internal parts of the converter have the form of channels of a honeycomb structure. Additionally, the walls contain noble metals such as rhodium, palladium or platinum and it is them which allow the chemical reactions of the exhaust gas getting into the catalytic converter from the exhaust chamber. After the reaction is completed significant part of the noxious chemicals is not released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, noble metals are not cheap therefore selecting a dedicated original catalytic converter, when the replacement is necessary, may translate into an expenditure of even several thousand zloty. Unfortunately, considerable number of people decide to remove it.

Is removal a good solution?

The answer to the question is very simple. Definitely NO! Removal of a catalytic converter results in numerous problems. First of them is the inconsistence with the approval documents of the vehicle as it was equipped with a catalytic converter when leaving the factory. In such a case the police may detain the registration card of your car and you can be charged with a fine. Similarly, if during an MOT it is found that the catalytic converter is missing the validity of your certificate will not be extended. The second argument is the excessive air pollution. The third argument, and the most convincing one, is the malfunctioning of the car engine. If the converter is removed from a car of an older type such a removal may have no influence on the engine operation. But if your car is relatively young a converter removal will result in wrong indications of lambda sensors which, in most of the cars, are located both downstream and upstream of the converter. Solution of the problem will require a modification of the car software to re-programme the sensors. Unfortunately, it should be noted that any tampering with the original software may pose a risk of damage and consequent severe problems.

And what to do with the removed converter?

If the catalytic converter is removed and replaced with an empty metal can you will need to make a decision what to do with the old one. The best solution is to find a proper catalytic converter collection point and sell your old converter. Remember that even a damaged converter may have a significant value. Before selling your converter check which collection point offers fully professional and smooth purchasing process combined with expert advice on filling the necessary documents. Find out if the collection point you have selected holds the necessary licenses and certificates.

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