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How to remove oil from a catalytic converter?

If e.g. your turbocharger has failed and the exhaust system, including the cat, is contaminated with oil it has to be removed from all the parts before running the car again. Why is it so important? Firstly, a contaminated exhaust system will produce much more exhaust gas. Secondly, starting a car may result in destruction of the catalytic converter. But can a converter clogged in a different way be cleaned?

An exhaust system contaminated with oil which leaked out of the turbocharger must be carefully removed. Otherwise, the catalytic converter may be damaged or at least your car will produce puffs of black smoke produced by burnt oil.

Catalytic converter flooded with oil

How to handle a converter which is oil-flooded? First of all remove the parts which need to be cleaned and pour out the excess of oil if any. Remove the oil spills using special cleaning agents, dry the system and once completely dry reinstall it in the car. However, sometimes, even if you follow the above instructions the converter may need replacement as it will no longer perform properly and, hence, should no longer be used.

Caution! If you notice any problems with your car it is recommended to find a proper mechanic who, after doing the repair, will clean everything in a professional way. Then you will be assured that your exhaust system should not fail even if it has been flooded.

Clogged catalytic converter

Another question which is directly related to cleaning of a catalytic converter is: Can a clogged cat be repaired? Sometimes the mechanics may recommend to run your car at high RPM for a longer period to unclog your converter. Actually, you should never try it as a clogged converter exposed to high RPM may get damaged even faster.

It happens that you test some petrol additives which are supposed to clean the catalytic converter. Frankly speaking: do not lose your money by spending it for things like that. Such additives or cleaners simply do not work. If the catalytic converter is damaged the replacement is unavoidable. The only hint we can give is not to leave the damaged converter at the repair shop. Collect it from your mechanic and sell it at a collection point. By doing this you may gain from several hundred up to more than one thousand zlotys. All you need to do is to select a point equipped with professional measuring instruments to be sure that the price assessment is correct. Don’t be fooled.

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